Mweelrea (/mwiːlreː/; from Irish Cnoc Maol Réidh, meaning "smooth bald hill") is a mountain in County Mayo, Republic of Ireland.



With a height of 814 metres (2,670 feet), the mountain is the highest point in the province of Connacht and the 34th highest in Ireland. The mountain overlooks Killary Harbour.

Mweelrea is a mountain overlooking the Atlantic coast, and as such weather conditions can change very rapidly and this poses particular challenges for climbers who are inexperienced or have limited navigation abilities. From the east the mountain is well protected by outlying ridges and boggy ground as well as a cliff line to the east of the main summit.

Access to the summit

The easiest ascent is probably by starting on the coast to the west of the mountain and ascending gentle slopes, but even from this side climbers need to navigate carefully as cloud or mist can obscure the summit very rapidly. Access across land/farms may be a problem from this side however so climbers need to consult with local landowners before entering land there. The summit does provide stunning views of the surrounding area, including views of County Galway and Mayo, and the Atlantic Ocean.

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