List of mountains in Kosovo shows some of the vast number of mountains of Kosovo. Most of Kosovo is covered with medium-high to high mountains. Mountains of Kosovo belong to Dinarides range. The Plain of Kosovo is on average 550 m (1,804 ft) above the sea level and the Plain of Metohija is on average 450 m (1,476 ft) high. The Dinaric Alps in the east and the Šar Mountains in the south are home to the highest peaks in Kosovo rising well over 2,000 m (6,562 ft). The only mountain in the north higher than 2,000 m (6,562 ft) is Kopaonik which rises to 2,017 m (6,617 ft).

The mountains make some unusual landscapes like the Rugova Canyon and the Kačanik Gorge. There are alpine and glacier lakes located in most of the mountains.

§List of highest peaks in Kosovo

List of mountains in Kosovo

List of mountain peaks in Kosovo with over 2,000 m (6,562 ft) in height

  • The peak marked with an asterisk is the tripoint of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.
  • The peak marked with two asterisks is on the border of Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia.
  • The peak marked with three asterisks is the tripoint of Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.

§List of coordinates of some significant mountain peaks

List of mountains in Kosovo

The list contains coordinates of some significant peaks alphabetically ordered by mountain and then peak name

§Border Peaks

Here are some of the less significant peaks, but that define the border of Kosovo and are thus interesting.

North East on the border to Serbia :

  • Babina Stena 43.210278°N 20.601111°E / 43.210278; 20.601111
  • Lipovicë 43.203889°N 20.620278°E / 43.203889; 20.620278
  • Grab (peak) 43.174444°N 20.611389°E / 43.174444; 20.611389
  • Veliki Bukovik 43.209167°N 20.654722°E / 43.209167; 20.654722
  • Baljevac (mountain)/Valjevac 43.204444°N 20.673056°E / 43.204444; 20.673056
  • Obrž 43.245556°N 20.745278°E / 43.245556; 20.745278
  • Srednji Breg 43.246667°N 20.8°E / 43.246667; 20.8
  • Milanov Vrh 43.266667°N 20.816667°E / 43.266667; 20.816667 next to Pančićev vrh

Following the Tip on the left side :

  • Vojetin/Vogetin 43.251667°N 20.850556°E / 43.251667; 20.850556
  • Vrletnica 43.224167°N 20.876667°E / 43.224167; 20.876667
  • Strana (peak) 43.2075°N 20.872778°E / 43.2075; 20.872778
  • ÄŒukara 43.204167°N 20.836944°E / 43.204167; 20.836944
  • Veliki Deo 43.185556°N 20.844444°E / 43.185556; 20.844444


  • Mountains list in Serbian. (Adopted with author's permission. Used for coordinates only.)
  • Greater Geographical Atlas of Yugoslavia, University Press "Liber", Zagreb, 1987.
  • USAID/BHR/OFDA "Humanitarian Response Planning Map: Kosovo 1998", Scale 1:225.000, 18 November 1998, 2nd edition

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