The Order of New Zealand is the highest honour in New Zealand's honours system, created "to recognise outstanding service to the Crown and people of New Zealand in a civil or military capacity". It was instituted on 6 February 1987.

The order comprises the Sovereign and Ordinary, Additional and Honorary members. The ordinary membership is limited to 20 living members, and at any time there may be fewer than 20. The additional members may be appointed to commemorate important royal, state or national occasions, and such appointments were made in 1990 for the 150th anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi, in 2002 for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, in 2007 for the 20th anniversary of the institution of the Order, and in 2012 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Honorary membership includes citizens of nations of which the Queen is not Head of State.

Members are entitled to the post-nominal letters "ONZ". The insignia is made up of an oval medallion of the Arms of New Zealand in gold and coloured enamel, worn on a white and ochre ribbon around the neck for men or a bow for women on their left shoulder. The order is modelled on the British Order of Merit and the Order of the Companions of Honour.

Current members

Order of New Zealand
  • Sovereign: The Queen of New Zealand
  • Officers:
    • Secretary and Registrar: Michael L. C. Webster.

Deceased members

Order of New Zealand

(Country of birth, name, followed by date of appointment, and date of death)



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  • New Zealand Legislation. The statutes of the Order can be found as SR 1987/67 of New Zealand regulations.

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